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What benefits does a Squarrel offer over a traditional barrel? 

Squarrels are customizable, more efficient, and they minimize wood waste, but they also last longer than traditional barrels. You keep the frame and just replace the staves as needed. Squarrels link the benefits of wood with the benefits of stainless steel all while providing an environment equivalent to a traditional barrel. 


How does it seal? 

The stave gaskets are made from NSP Internationally certified NSF EPDM. These gaskets, along with the wood screws, seal the wood to the frame. 


What is the standard method of maintenance? 

You can clean the Squarrel just like a traditional barrel by using hot water or steam. However, because the staves are independent of the frame, you can take sanitation a step further and bake the staves in an oven at a low heat to kill any bacterial infection and mitigate the potential of contamination. 


Do I use barrel racking? 

Barrel racks are not needed, Squarrel stack on themselves. In general, racking is necessary until you stack more than 3 Squarrels high for the 10 and 30-gallon Squarrels/2 high for the 60-gallon Squarrels. Traditional pallet racking will suffice for stacked Squarrels and for additional security, the Squarrels are able to be bolted together. 


Is there a minimum order? 

There is no minimum order on Squarrel barrel frames but because we package Squarrel staves in sets of 4 the minimum stave order is 4 staves. 


How much pressure can a Squarrel hold? 

The 10-gallon Squarrels can hold 1.5 bars of pressure. The sankey spear attachments include a safety PRV rated to 1.5 bars. 


What type of steel are Squarrels made from? 

The Squarrels are made from 304 stainless steel. The 10-gallon Squarrels are 2.5mm thick and the 30 and 60-gallon Squarrel are 3mm thick.


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