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The 25 Best Canned Cocktails to Drink in 2021 -

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

JUL 20, 2021

Canned cocktails are huge right now. The IWSR, which analyzes the alcoholic beverage market, clocked growth in the ready-to-drink sector at 43 percent in 2020. And it's not hard to see why canned cocktails are having such a moment. When the pandemic shut nearly everything down, people were unable to head out to their favorite cocktail bars, and mixing a drink at home requires a crap-ton of ingredients that some may not be willing to make room on their bar cart for. Pre-mixed cocktails in convenient cans provided an answer to the cocktail draught, and frankly, they can be really delicious.

It's nearly impossible to find a cocktail that isn't available in a can. A perfectly sour whiskey sour? It exists. A well-made margarita? Yes, those exist, but you'll have to provide the salt-rimmed glass yourself. Then there's a variety of spritzes and highballs that — while easy to make on your own — are just so much better when drunk from a can. The beverage aisle is overflowing right now with really good canned cocktails, but these 25 should be in your fridge right now.


Dashfire El Presidente

If you don't want to mix a cocktail bar-quality drink on your own, check out Dashfire, which packs full-proof cocktails into easy-to-carry cans. Its El Presidente takes the classic rum-based Cuban cocktail and mixes it with house-made grenadine, pomegranate juice and cane sugar.

ABV: 38%

Price Per Can: $6

Kiuchi Hitachino Highball

You might recognize the owl-adorned cans of Kiuchi's Hitachino Nest beer, a staple across Japan and easily found in Japanese grocery stores and restaurants in America. In 2016, the brewery started distilling whiskey, except the first product in launched in 2019 was not a bottle of brown but a whiskey-based beverage, the Hitachino Highball. Japanese people love their whiskey highballs, and this canned version doesn't eschew quality for convenience. The whisky used is aged three years in sherry and wine barrels, and the bold flavors are smoothed out by pure Hitachino water.

ABV: 9%

Price Per Can: $8

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