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The Canned Cocktails That Impress Professional Mixologists - The List

by: Melanie Carden - 2/2/2022

Once upon a time in the days of yore, folks had just one conveniently canned alcohol option. Consequently, after a long day, it was common to look forward to cracking open a can of beer. That signature, beguiling hiss as the tab breaks through the metal lid seems to whisper, "It's time to unwind." Even the royal family has their own favorite drinks!

However, in recent years, the simple ease of canned alcohol has been applied to mixed cocktails, and grocery store shelves are brimming with options. In fact, the new generation of ready-to-drink beverages include mixologist favorites such as multi-step cocktails to enjoy at a moment's notice. Far from a fleeting whim, consumers have been loving the elevated sips, and Forbes reports that these drinks are changing the industry. Indeed, you're just as likely to find expert canned cocktail recommendations from Brides as you are from MensHealth.

For this reason, it can be delightfully overwhelming to scour the internet for the best canned cocktails. So, here's a list of the best already-mixed cocktails that impress professional mixologists and consumers alike.

Canned cocktails are perfect for any mood

As explained by The Manual, the white Russian is a classic cocktail that makes it 100% acceptable to drink heavy cream (and not just when uncovering the mystery of the Russian Romanovs). You can easily make one, and, as always, Martha Stewart has a recipe. Be that as it may, Dashfire's Chai White Russian is an absolute darling with swoon-worthy chai bitters. In other words: heaven.

Or, maybe salt is your thing. The once basic table salt has been replaced by high-end delights frequently featured by leading food experts like Food52. If you're team salt, Chido's Sea Salt Margarita is the can to grab.

Obviously, Flying Embers is a cool name for a wine spritzer. The artsy cans are brimming with the intermingling nuances that wine connoisseurs adore, and Hunker celebrates its versatility. Questioning the quality of canned wine? Think again. Even Wine Spectator applauds the elegant convenience.

On the more robust end of the palate, The Spirited Hive brings together two culinary all-stars: bourbon and honey. Even The New York Times reported on the long love affair between mixologists and honey, so it's time to believe the buzz!

Picture this: You find yourself hosting an impromptu brunch. No worries — pop a frozen quiche in the oven and put out some Nomadica wine. This wine has even gotten a thumbs-up from Bon Appétit. Add a few tea lights, and the cans will double as tablescape decor, too.

The modern-day dinner party now includes cocktails for the cannabis-curious. Luxe-leaning brands like Levia are part of the cannabis cocktail trend reported by NPR, and are an elegant, lightly infused THC option.

This canned cocktail is perfect for kombucha lovers

The JuneShine mixologists have infused the fermented goodness of kombucha with green tea, honey, fruit juice, and spices to create an ultra-refreshing easy sip cocktail. The popular drink is often showered with accolades, including landing on PureWow's 2021 Top 100 List. Generally speaking, you can't go wrong with flavors like Midnight Painkiller, Blood Orange Mint, Grapefruit Paloma, and Hopical Citrus.

Canned cocktails deliver regional flavors in style

Mixologists polled by The Strategist love Montauk Brewing Company's hard lemonades to usher in a casual mood. The New York-based brewery even has over 87,000 followers on Instagram. Bam! All of a sudden, it feels like perpetual summer!

If you love a cocktail with an intriguing backstory, here's a historic sip: The Finish Long Drink. Hailed by Town & Country Magazine, this cocktail was invented for the 1952 Summer Games in Helsinki. They needed a refreshing cocktail that tourists could enjoy all day, and this bubbly grapefruit-gin sip takes the gold.

These award-winning ready-to-serve drinks are 100% worth it

Drink beer outside! At least, that's the mission at 10 Barrel Brewing Co. Their "Crush" sours include an award-winning variety of cucumber, meaning its flavor is top-notch. The website isn't just an adventurous aesthetic; it's a testament to outdoorsy endeavors and community commitment. Plus, bonus points for a shoutout from Goop.

Rounding out the canned cocktails that impress mixologists is Grisly's Cosmic Black. If the gnarly space Yeti doesn't woo you, the award-winning bourbon and gourmet cola cocktail will. While Hype Magazine celebrates its low calories, you'll be captivated by its hint of charred marshmallows and spices.

We'll drink to that!

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