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Upgrade Your Party with these Seven Canned Cocktails for Super Bowl LVI -

by Jeanne O'Brien Coffey - 2/11/22

So much entertainment around the Super Bowl this year —I was gratified to know that Dr. Dre plans to keep Snoop Dog and Eminem fully clothed. Anyway, whether you’re down for the Puppy Bowl and the Kitty Halftime show, you’re in it for the commercials or you actually are planning to watch the game, you’ll probably want a drink. For zero-proof ideas, click here. But if you’re looking for boozy selections, read along for my seven picks.

Ramona: Sommelier Jordan Salcito’s organic canned booze brand continues to be among my favorites. The latest iteration, Amarino, launched late last year, evokes an Aperol spritz but with some savory undertones. It’s only 5 percent ABV with no artificial colors – it’s made from organic grapes from Italy and bitter oranges— so maybe it’s a health drink?

Bully Boy Distillers: This Boston craft spirits maker offers two canned cocktails – Grapefruit Spritz and Italian Iced Tea, both made with Bully Boy Amaro, which has bright citrusy notes that will chase the winter blues away.

Spirited Hive: Ah, the pandemic launched so many new ways to drink. Spirited Hive, a line that blends real spirits with certified organic wildflower honey, launched when founder Jack Espy found knack for mixology at New York University while everyone was locked down. Of the three, I am partial to the Tequila Infused with Ginger, Lime & Honey, 7 percent ABV and made with a Blanco tequila sourced from Jalisco, Mexico, home to Casamigos.

Cocktail Courier Party Can: Entertaining a crowd? These giant resealable cans each hold 12 cocktails. Try the Gold Rush Old Fashioned - a featuring real Kentucky bourbon, honey, fresh lemon juice, natural herbs, bitters, and black and chamomile tea.

Livewire: This brand, launched during the pandemic as a way to support bartenders, while putting them front and center, keeps putting out fantastic new cocktails, like Rocket Queen and Crystal Shiso Mojito. But for the Super Bowl, you need to go with Shannon Mustipher’s Holy Tyger, a whiskey sour riff with lemongrass and coconut. While not technically a can – it comes in a 375 ml. bottle—I can’t resist the cool logo. Would love that as a t-shirt.

Crafthouse Cocktails: The flavors that Charles Joly, the official mixologist for the Oscars and Emmys, manages to pack into 200 ml. bottles are amazing – so bright and fresh. I especially enjoy the Gold Rush, with bourbon, honey and lemon. And I really like the metal bottles that each hold two drinks – lightweight for glamping or picnicking, but resealable in case you just want a little something before dinner. For your big gatherings, they recently introduced large-format boxes that each hold 15 cocktails.

Dashfire: These lovely little cans are not to be trifled with – each packs a high-proof complex punch that is best poured into a chilled martini glass or over a big rock and sipped. So save these for the end of the night. This family owned bitters and cocktail company out of Minnetonka, Minnesota, focuses on the classics: Manhattan, Old-Fashioned, and White Russian. Get the Old Fashioned set and compare and contrast favorites.

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