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Why Canned Cocktails Are The Hottest Wedding Trend Of The Season -

by Colleen Sullivan - 7/21/21 Canned cocktails gained momentum at weddings before the pandemic. Now, they’re more popular than ever after becoming one of the go-to drinks during lockdown. In fact, the International Wines and Spirits Record predicts canned cocktails will grow 35.5 percent over the next four years, surpassing the size in volume of all other spirits categories.

Single serves are effortless, requiring no mixing or cleanup. Plus, they’re safe, especially at a wedding when there's bound to be a few broken glasses on the dance floor,” says Morgan Dickerson, complexdirector of food and beverage at The Asbury Hotel and The Asbury Ocean Club Hotel in Asbury Park, New Jersey. “Today, you have the option of higher-quality offerings, including drinks that contain real juices, zero sugar, and low-calorie and carb counts. In some cases, they’re a healthier option than a traditional bar drink.”

As far as which cocktails to choose and how to best serve them, experts note there are no rules. It’s whatever works for the couple and often depends on their wedding theme and vibe. “For casual weddings, I suggest just popping the top and serving,” shares Dickerson. “For more formal affairs, to make things feel more luxe, you can pour them over ice and add a garnish.”

Branding companies will even customize the can's label using your pictures, logos, and text. “We can design anything to work with your wedding theme,” says Max Berg, co-founder of Eliqs, whose company sources craft beer, wine, and hard seltzer from breweries and wineries in California.

Need more reasons to can it? Couples are often limited to simple drink menus in order to serve a large crowds efficiently. With canned cocktails, bartenders aren’t forced to choose between easier service and satisfied drinkers. There’s also the consistency factor. “Everything is pre-mixed so you never get a drink that tastes off,” says Ravy Tray, lead bartender at Library Bar at The Rittenhouse in Philadelphia. Plus, cans can go places bottles can’t, like beach weddings that don’t allow glass.

Of course, getting drinks for your wedding is all about making sure the vibes of the day are right. So, shorter waits at the bar may be the best reason to incorporate canned cocktails on your big day. “The most important job of a bartender at a wedding is to get drinks into thirsty people’s hands—the quicker they serve, the happier the guests,” says Katherine Ball, director of consumer engagement and mixologist, CanBee Cocktails.

Ahead, check out 49 of our favorite canned cocktails to serve at your wedding, plus three non-alcoholic options.

DASHFIRE COCKTAILS FEATURED: #10 of 52 - Dashfire Lemon Lavender Martini

Why: No need to shake this martini. It’s made with vodka, sherry, and lavender bitters and also contains no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or color.

ABV: 38%

Serve: Chilled or room temperature over ice in a low-ball glass with a lemon peel garnish.

#30 of 52 - Dashfire Fig & Cascara Manhattan Why: This Manhattan is made with blend of rye whiskey, cream sherry, hand crafted bitters, black mission fig, cascara cherry, vanilla, and rhubarb root—with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or colors. ABV: 38% Serve: Chilled or room temperature straight out of the can, or over ice in a low-ball glass and garnished with a cocktail cherry.

#42 of 52 - Dashfire Old Fashioned

Why: It’s made with a blend of bourbon, natural sugar cane juice, cherries, bitters, vanilla, and chicory. It also contains no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or color.

ABV: 38%

Serve: Chilled or room temperature over ice in a low-ball glass with a twist of orange peel.

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